Free File Folder Templates

School’s out for summer for us today and even though summer is my favorite season, it does also signal a decrease of studio time. With the kids out of school, I spend much more time outdoors poolside and less inside working in journals and on projects. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not complaining. But it’s pretty essential I have a stockpile of grab-and-go items to use when I do get some time in my craft room.

Pre-decorated coin envelopes, embellishments, mini file folders (just to name a few) are great to have on-hand to use on journals pages and in signatures when time is short. But what’s a girl to do when she doesn’t have any mini file folders? She makes her own, naturally!

These mini file folder templates measure 8.5 x 6″ (flat) and fit perfectly within a standard-sized journal. There are three different versions with top, middle, and bottom tab placement.

Putting these together is a cinch. First, gather the materials you want to use to create your file folders. I used vintage sheet music, an 1899 Lady’s Home Journal article, some vintage European butterflies from my Etsy store, a Hallmark paper bag I’d been saving for far too long, some simple coffee-dyed card stock, and file folder (to make a file folder — ha!).

After printing and cutting out the template on white card stock, place the template on each base, trace around the perimeter of the template, and cut out the file folder. Once trimmed, erase some stray pencil marks and fold up the bottom of the folder to meet the top corners of the folder — and that’s it! (Watch a video tutorial of the process now.)

I wanted to keep these cute little folders neutral, so I did minimal embellishing. I lined the inside of the non-double-sided folders with old dictionary pages, coffee-dyed paper, and an old letter. For a few of the others, I incorporated some embroidery around edges and loosely sewed around some designs.

To grab your three free templates, simply click on the download buttons below:

To watch me cut, assemble and embellish a few, you can watch my YouTube tutorial here:

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