Free Vintage Chrysanthemum Illustration

Welcome to the first official Free Vintage Friday! I love to incorporate all sorts of vintage ephemera into my junk journals and I’m guessing if you’re here, you must too!

After weeks of endless gray clouds and non-stop frost warnings, yesterday finally felt like summer was on its way. To celebrate the warm sunshine, this week’s image is a vintage Chrysanthemum illustration dating back to 1896. I recently listed 22 of these vintage floral images in my Etsy shop (Vintage Floral Collection: 1896 Deconstructed Florals) and after I finished the project, I realized I accidentally left out the poor little chrysanthemum. It seems like a no-brainer to make it the absolute first Free Vintage Friday image.

The full size image measures 5 x 7.5″ and can be easily resized via your printer’s interface. I love the softness of this collection and plan to pair it with some vellum soon as the delicacy of both appear to be a match made in heaven. Click the download button below to save your full-size image in a .jpeg format.

If you like this image, please spread the word about Free Vintage Fridays!

Till next time,

9 thoughts on “Free Vintage Chrysanthemum Illustration

  1. Aw thanks Gina! I’m trying dandelion dyeing today and this would look pretty on a yellow page, if I make it work with the few dandelions I picked. Can’t wait to see!

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