October, 1863 — Free Vintage Friday

Today's Free Vintage Friday is courtesy of William Trost Richards, an American landscape artist who reveled in realism and greatly rejected romanticism. This amazing depiction of an October afternoon details a forest's interior with such breathtaking focus. It is exactly what one would expect to find in a forest during the glorious month of October, … Continue reading October, 1863 — Free Vintage Friday

Summer-to-Fall — Free Vintage Friday

It's the last official Friday in fall, so I decided to commemorate this day with a free vintage image of hand-drawn bi-color flowers indicative of this hazy summer-into-fall period. As the floral embodiment of the very essence of Summer Twilight, this image will be definitely integrated into my current altered book. I am slightly sad … Continue reading Summer-to-Fall — Free Vintage Friday

Free Vintage Friday — Back to School Style

The past two weeks have been quite busy with back-to-school preparations. And while the current pandemic situation is far from perfect, the start of school is inevitable. After being remote for 500+ days, I forgot how much work went into preparing kids for school. That's why last Friday's Free Vintage Friday completely slipped past me … Continue reading Free Vintage Friday — Back to School Style

Summer Sunflowers — Free Vintage Fridays

It's the last Friday in July, which can only mean one thing: August is approaching fast. For me, August conjures many images--hot, hazy days, back-to-school excitement, and beautiful blooming sunflowers. Early last summer, I sprinkled some wildflower seeds around my yard. A few isolated sprouts pushed through the ground and greeted the sun, but not … Continue reading Summer Sunflowers — Free Vintage Fridays