Free Vintage Butterfly & Rose Notecard

For the past few Fridays, my mom and I have been hitting estate sales and antique stores to build our stash of vintage goodies. Each week we stumble upon something new, whether it’s books, papers, plates, fabric — you get the picture. One Friday we hit the mother load with old stationary and greeting cards. I picked up a small pack of these sweet vintage notecards.

Two things made me fall instantly in love. First, the paper was so incredibly thin and delicate that the graphic was semi-transparent through inside of the notecard. This combined with butterfly and roses on the front created such a dainty notecard. The second characteristic was the tall rectangle shape — so different from the standard notecard.

I thought I would share a high resolution scan of what is my current favorite notecard for this Free Vintage Friday and I hope it becomes a favorite of yours too. I am planning on including it in the bundle of papers pictured at the top in my new journal.

I included both the front and inside spreads for a more authentic look and feel.

To download, simply click the buttons below:

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