Free Vintage-Inspired 2022 Calendar Printable

I always find myself trying new organization techniques in January. There’s something innately refreshing about the month, full of both purges and resets. For the past few months, I have desperately needed a creative planner, nothing elaborate or fancy, but something to quickly jot down ideas and schedule creative projects. I tend to get overwhelmed … Continue reading Free Vintage-Inspired 2022 Calendar Printable

Happy New Year!

In my latest YouTube video, I took some time to look over my journals from the last year. 2021 without a doubt, has been my most productive journaling year to date. I don’t think I have ever utilized a journal every month or every two months consecutively in a year. It really feels like quite … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Hello, There

It’s been a while since I’ve given this blog a proper update, so I thought I would carve some time out this Thanksgiving holiday and start anew. You’ve probably noticed that Free Vintage Fridays have stopped rather abruptly. I always meant to use this space as a blog, in its truest sense. And as with … Continue reading Hello, There