Free Vintage-Inspired 2022 Calendar Printable

I always find myself trying new organization techniques in January. There's something innately refreshing about the month, full of both purges and resets. For the past few months, I have desperately needed a creative planner, nothing elaborate or fancy, but something to quickly jot down ideas and schedule creative projects. I tend to get overwhelmed … Continue reading Free Vintage-Inspired 2022 Calendar Printable

Vintage Collage Masterboard — Free Vintage Friday

Over the past few months, my fondness for collage masterboards has grown substantially. Each masterboard is different, simply by nature. Plus, making masterboards is a fairly mindless project--perfect when you're tired or watching television, but still want to do something crafty. So far, I've created journals using masterboards (I have a few left for sale … Continue reading Vintage Collage Masterboard — Free Vintage Friday

1905 Dallas Annual Chrysanthemum Show Postcard — Free Vintage Friday

In the midwest USA, you can't go to any big box or grocery store without tripping over mile-high pots of mums at the doors. And inevitably, each year I'm caught between the irresistible pull of the fall mum and the last days of my summer flowers. Which do I choose? When do I pull the … Continue reading 1905 Dallas Annual Chrysanthemum Show Postcard — Free Vintage Friday

Free Coin Envelope Template

Coin envelopes with their slightly rounded corners and sweet flaps have always been a favorite of mine. I love tucking pictures, journaling, Victorian trade cards, specimen cards, lace, notes, memorabilia, and fussy cut ephemera inside. The standard envelope pales in comparison to charming and overly antique coin envelope. (Although, these vintage envelopes do give them … Continue reading Free Coin Envelope Template