Free Vintage-Inspired 2022 Calendar Printable

I always find myself trying new organization techniques in January. There's something innately refreshing about the month, full of both purges and resets. For the past few months, I have desperately needed a creative planner, nothing elaborate or fancy, but something to quickly jot down ideas and schedule creative projects. I tend to get overwhelmed … Continue reading Free Vintage-Inspired 2022 Calendar Printable

Vintage Collage Masterboard — Free Vintage Friday

Over the past few months, my fondness for collage masterboards has grown substantially. Each masterboard is different, simply by nature. Plus, making masterboards is a fairly mindless project--perfect when you're tired or watching television, but still want to do something crafty. So far, I've created journals using masterboards (I have a few left for sale … Continue reading Vintage Collage Masterboard — Free Vintage Friday