Mood Board Journal

Hi, friends! I can’t believe it’s almost September. Actually, I don’t want to believe it’s almost September. I love summer and if it were up to me, all summers (and flower pots stuffed with zinnias) would be endless. But, alas, ’tis not the case. So to prepare for the inevitable September, I was disassembling my … Continue reading Mood Board Journal

Irish Lass Card

Hello out there and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today on my YouTube channel, I am sharing a Craft with Me video depicting how I made this sweet and fast vintage-y Irish Lass card. If interested, the video can be found here: If you watched the video and would like the image, simply right-click on the … Continue reading Irish Lass Card

Fairy Garden Twig Ladder

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing a fun Fairy Garden project — an easy twig ladder. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on fairy garden supplies, so I glued together some twigs to create a ladder! Here’s a quick video showing my process: There may be a chimney in my future too…we’ll see! … Continue reading Fairy Garden Twig Ladder

Crepe Paper Numbers

I needed a fast, easy, and wallet-friendly party decoration and the first thing that came to mind was a good old-fashioned crepe paper number. You know, the kind where you cut squares, wrap it around a pencil and glue it on. Back in grade school, we used this technique a lot in art class and I … Continue reading Crepe Paper Numbers