Gina’s Journal – It’s Here!

Happy Monday, friends! I am so excited to finally announce the official arrival of the first issue of a brand new project I dreamt up many moons ago — Gina’s Journal.

Every month, I will be releasing a new issue full of vintage ephemera, cozy illustrations, homemade recipes, crafts, quotes — all of the unique and beautiful items I love adding to my journals! Not every issue will include all sections, but there will always be six full pages of high-resolution images to print, create, and enjoy.

Each issue is available two ways. The first is through a subscription on Patreon. There are currently two tiers to choose from: Subscribe and Subscribe & Watch. Members of the Subscribe tier will receive each issue as a digital download. Members of the Subscribe & Watch tier will receive each issue as a digital download and also receive access to an exclusive Journal With Me video each month. Find out more here:

These tiers may change in the future; it’s a dynamic process I am eager to evolve as we experience it together! Alternatively, each issue will be available to purchase on Etsy as well; however, a Patreon subscription provides a 40% discount on each issue. Find it on Etsy here:

Are you wondering what’s inside an issue? Watch this video to see me flip through the pages of the January 2023 issue and set up my new January journal:

The support in this little community we have created is so amazing — I still have to pinch myself sometimes as a reminder that it’s not a dream! Thank you so much!

Till next time,

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