Free Vintage-Inspired 2022 Calendar Printable

I always find myself trying new organization techniques in January. There’s something innately refreshing about the month, full of both purges and resets. For the past few months, I have desperately needed a creative planner, nothing elaborate or fancy, but something to quickly jot down ideas and schedule creative projects. I tend to get overwhelmed quickly when I am unable to simply write things down to track them.

I decided to create a very simple and straight-forward planner to help me maintain a semblance of sanity. First and foremost, I wanted it to be functional. But the paper-loving girl in me also wanted it to be pretty, light, feminine, and of course, vintage. So I gathered minimal supplies for the cover and quickly designed a vintage-inspired calendar to use as the signature.

This calendar is very simple and small, so small it can fit within an 8.5 x 6.5″ planner (folded; 13″ x 8.5″ flat), but with big enough squares for each day to comfortably hold a few tasks. The header uses a very victorian font I found online and I love how ornate each letter is — it’s probably the most ornate aspect of this planner!

I chose to place each monthly calendar on the right side of the individual page, so it could be folded easily into a signature, enabling each calendar to fall in the same place successively. (Of course, these calendars could also be used on their own as additions to bulletin boards or larger planners — it just depends on your need.)

I already began working in it and it’s exactly as I hoped. I am definitely using my “crafting” time more wisely now that I have a way to organize myself and I’m even recording ideas and plans for future months to help save time. It’s perfect!

For a detailed video on how I assembled this planner, tune into my latest YouTube video:

To download the free 2022 calendar, simply click the button below and right-click to save to your device.

Till next time,

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