Happy New Year!

In my latest YouTube video, I took some time to look over my journals from the last year. 2021 without a doubt, has been my most productive journaling year to date. I don’t think I have ever utilized a journal every month or every two months consecutively in a year. It really feels like quite an accomplishment!

Not only has it helped me expand and nurture my creativity, it also helped me be more mindful in all facets of my life. It helped me explore new opportunities and revisit past endeavors. Journaling is simply good for the soul!

At the beginning of the year, I had no intention of embarking on such a daunting task; it just happened and organically took shape each and every month. Without the pressure of goals shadowing my every move, I reached new creative and personal heights.

To thank you for your support this past year and to celebrate the year to come, I pulled together four different vintage New Year’s postcards to use in your journals or creative projects. I used mine as the last journaling card in my December journal and it was the perfect end to a very productive year. Here’s to another creative year!

To download this file, simply click the button below and right-click to save to your device.

Till next time,

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