Capture the Feelings of the Season

There’s a little less than 2 weeks before Christmas and I recently found a few fun (and vintage of course!) holiday-themed audio books to help capture the feelings of the season. If you are searching for a book chock full of traditional winter cheer, here are a few suggestions to put you perfectly in the Christmas spirit.

The first one is a given and somewhat of a no-brainer, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I’ve seen multiple renditions of this Christmas classic, but I haven’t read or listened to it in over 20 years. And I am so glad I finally revisited it. Dickens has a knack for capturing the human spirit so eloquently. I listen to it in my latest Journal With Me video.

Knowing I was going to read this again, I created a sweet little folder in my December journal to document this experience.

Next on my list was Agatha Christie’s The Adventures of the Christmas Pudding. I enjoyed this little mystery so very much. The vivid traditional Christmas imagery was so delightful and the whodunnit plot was a fun bonus. I’ve never read Agatha Christie before, but now she’s been added to my long to-read list.  

I also listened to a lovely Christmas anthology, A Classic Christmas: A Collection of Timeless Stories and Poems. This collection includes a superb recording of A Christmas Carol, along with a few other stories and poems from a multitude of authors, including Louisa May Alcott, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, L.M. Montgomery, and Hans Christian Andersen – all of my favorites!

Audio books have been my easiest go-to these days; I access them via my public library. One of the electronic resources my library uses is called hoopla. After I downloaded the application on my phone and linked my hoopla account to my public library card, and I was able to stream and listen to these stories and books for free. It’s such an amazing resource!

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