Vintage Photo Corners — Free Template

I’ve been wanting to make some vintage photo corners for a while now because I simply love the look of them! And you might be saying, well you can easily just cut some little triangles out to make them, but trust me, I’ve tried that and they’re just never even. So I decided to create a little template to use when I want the old vintage photo book look.

This is a little template I think everyone would like to have at some point in their papercrafting life, so I thought I would off it as a free download today. I like to print four of these templates to a page so I have a few of them ready. The little photo corners are quite small, so it’s very easy to lose them!

To download the templates, simply click the button below and right-click to save to your device.

Watch me use these templates in this Journal With Me video:

Till next time,

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