Free Vintage-Inspired Watercolor Pumpkins

I love to paint and draw, but if truth be told, I’m not really that good at it. I think a large part of the problem is that I simply don’t practice enough. I have recently tried to incorporate more practice into my weekly goals, but life gets so hectic! Last year right around this time, I saw a tutorial for easy watercolor pumpkins on Nicole Warrington’s ( Instagram page. I instantly knew I had to try it! They were so incredibly cute, plus it looked like an art project I might be able to do.

I added a few to a journal page describing how I’d recently been influenced (thanks Instagram and YouTube!) to buy lots of pumpkin goodies from Trader Joe’s and Aldo. I used two of the pumpkins as a pocket to hold some photos and added a third to side of my journaling.

I also created a bunting to hang over my headboard to add a little autumn whimsy to my bedroom. I love how they swing in the breeze with the open windows. It’s going to be hard to take them down once Christmas arrives. I made a similar bunting with a few Collage Masterboard Autumn leaves I made a few weeks ago in another YouTube video. These are hanging over an antique bookshelf in my studio and I love how they look!

If you’d like to make some on your own, take a look at this YouTube tutorial and make some of your own:

Or, if you don’t really want to make any, but you still want to used some in your autumn projects, I scanned a few and created a free download you can print and cut! Simply click the button below and right-click to save to your device.

Till next time,

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