Chickadees — Free Vintage Friday

I call my husband St. Francis of Assisi because animals just kind of flock to him. Cats and dogs follow him home; squirrels befriend him; it’s just in him. He was always trying to sneak bird feeders in the yard, but I always discouraged them because I felt they were a teeny bit dirty — that is until the the spring 2020 quarantine. We simply had more time then, to do simple things, like look out the window, which sounds insane, but incredibly, true. I started noticing the different birds visiting our feeder and became intrigued.

Mike and I would look up the different birds in our handy bird guide and get to know migration patterns during all parts of each season. We could identify males and females and would call the kids to the window, ” Hey, there’s a Red Downy Woodpecker on the tree.” They would walk over, roll their eyes, and say, “Wow.” We would poke fun at ourselves at times and one night I cam across this meme and we laughed so hard. We’re not quite 50 yet, but it still managed to hit close to home.

Quarantine may have come and gone, but my attention to the bird feeder and its inhabitants has not. I noticed a few days ago, my favorite winter feathered friend, the Chickadee, was back at the feeder. I love their little plump bodies and soft black coat. My husband who still dedicates much of his time to filling the feeders, doesn’t pay as much attention to who still visits the feeder. He asked, “What’s that bird out there?” With a smile, I told him the Chickadees were back for the season.

This Free Vintage Friday is a 1908 image of a banditry of Chickadees lined up on a tree branch. It is so incredibly sweet. To download the high resolution image, simply click the button below and right-click to save to your device.

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One thought on “Chickadees — Free Vintage Friday

  1. My husband was much like you and thought my bird feeders were a nuisance he had to mow around before he retired. Now he not only fills the feeders but feeds the crows as well as building bird feeders and bird houses. They are so interesting! Thank you for sharing the cute chickadee photo. They are always so entertaining!


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