Travel Folio Template + Step-By-Step Video

For those who follow me on social media or YouTube, you probably know I like to grow vegetables and herbs in my backyard. I find immense pleasure watching something grow from seed to plant to edible vegetable. I marvel at the process, season after season.

After a few years of mentally documenting important gardening lessons (unsuccessfully, I might add) and after having to continually search through sandwich baggies for seed packets, I decided my crops might benefit from a little organization.

I created a hanging file folder turned garden planner, which worked quite well for the documenting part, but I still needed something to house my spring and fall seeds. Around the same time, I happened to be creating this travel folio template as a fun little project. At first, I wanted it to simply house a traveler’s notebook, but it morphed into something much more versatile.

I decided to make one of the travel folios out of a file folder and use it to store seeds. It worked great, but then I became distracted with other projects and forgot about the template. It wasn’t until after a recent Junk Journal With Me video, I remembered I made the template. And after receiving requests for the template, I decided to post it!

There are three different template pages required to assemble the folio. And as I mentioned earlier, if you would like it to house a standard size traveler’s notebook, it’s imperative you print the templates at 100%. My printer likes to automatically downsize these to 97% and it will not hold a standard size traveler’s notebook at this size.

I created a step-by-step tutorial on my YouTube channel, which can be viewed here:

The first 17:30 of the video is the tutorial, while the remaining 19:88 shows the transformation to a Halloween Ephemera Folio. Right now it is housing all of my new vintage Halloween Etsy digital printables, but I’m probably going to create a traveler’s notebook to document our Halloween experiences as we get closer to the season.

I continue to find new uses for this little template. You can see just how versatile this little folio is! If you do use the template to make something, I would love if you would tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

To download the templates, simply click the button below and right-click to save to your device.

Till next time,

2 thoughts on “Travel Folio Template + Step-By-Step Video

  1. Thank you very much for putting this together for us. And thank you for your Sept sale. Take care…

    Erika Albert-Johnston 😊


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