1905 Dallas Annual Chrysanthemum Show Postcard — Free Vintage Friday

In the midwest USA, you can’t go to any big box or grocery store without tripping over mile-high pots of mums at the doors. And inevitably, each year I’m caught between the irresistible pull of the fall mum and the last days of my summer flowers. Which do I choose? When do I pull the proverbial plug on the flower pots flanking my front and back doors? Oh, the struggle is indeed real.

Amazingly and almost like the farmer’s almanac is indeed dictating the weather, these first few days and evenings in September have become noticeably cooler, shocking my potted zinnias a bit. So I think this weekend may be the time to clear out the summer pots and make room for fall.

When I came across this gorgeous 1905 postcard from the Dallas Annual Chrysanthemum Show, I knew immediately it would be perfect in a journal page documenting this mum-filled struggle. This sweet image measures approximately 2.5 x 3.25″ making the perfect journaling card or page embellishment.

To download the high resolution image, simply click the button below and right-click to save to your device.

Till next time,

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