Portrait of A Lady — Free Vintage Friday

This week’s Free Vintage Friday is courtesy of 19th century American and realist author, Henry James. I am currently listening to A Portrait of A Lady when I’m in the car, which is a lot these days, so Isabel Archer is indeed top of mind. However, this is not a picture of Isabel Archer, nor does it have anything to do with Henry James. But I was undeniably subconsciously influenced by my current audiobook selection when I chose a portrait of a lady for this week’s Free Vintage Friday.

I particularly like the ornate frame this woman was placed in. Without it, one would feel as if something was missing, but with it, it is indeed whole. Likewise, there’s something mysterious and dark lurking beneath the surface of the image, but at the same time, it’s also somehow light and tender. It is a dichotomy, a paradox — the antithesis of itself.

I used this image for the first page I completed in my new tag journal, printing it on matte photo paper and distressing it quite a bit with ink and sprays. I surrounded her with a mixture of bright Tim Holtz flower die cuts and drawn, cut, and sewn book page leaves.

Watch my process video here:

Lately, I am embracing the idea of experimentation. My fingers have been itching to try new things and it’s quite freeing suspending the idea of perfection or mastery in exchange for learning a new technique or skill. Perfection is an unrealistic concept as it doesn’t exist; however, learning is quite real and a forever force to be fed.

To download the high resolution image, simply click the button below and right-click to save to your device.

Till next time,

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