Summer Sunflowers — Free Vintage Fridays

It’s the last Friday in July, which can only mean one thing: August is approaching fast. For me, August conjures many images–hot, hazy days, back-to-school excitement, and beautiful blooming sunflowers.

Early last summer, I sprinkled some wildflower seeds around my yard. A few isolated sprouts pushed through the ground and greeted the sun, but not as many as I envisioned. Fast forward to early this summer and in the same area, I noticed a ton of new green growth and remembered my wildflower seed sprinkling extravaganza from last year. I knew some seeds lay dormant for a year, so I was excited to see what surprises were in store. To my utter delight, the wildflowers were a few different sunflower varieties. They have been blooming all summer. So many different varieties sparking so much wonder in my mind’s eye.

To end the Free Vintage Friday floral month, today’s free image is a beautiful vintage August calendar featuring two gorgeous sunflowers. Originally from The Rijksmuseum, this image is by Theo van Hoytema, a Dutch lithographer, illustrator and graphic designer known for his book covers and calendars.

The image measures approximately 5 x 11″ and it could be used folded in half as part of a journal signature, reduced in size and used as a journal card or ephemera, or simply printed out on matte photo paper to hang. To download the high resolution image, simply click the button below and right-click to save.

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