Floral Galore — Free Vintage Friday

We have found ourselves once again in the heart of summer. The sunflower buds have started turning their little heads towards the sun each day. The tree leaves filter out shade on the porch. The wind chimes sway lazily in the mid-afternoon breeze. Sweet, sweet summer.

My zinnias have finally started blooming, starting from seed in late May and experiencing a slight delay due to unusually cold weather. They are my favorite flower, an heirloom or old-fashioned flower that is so easy to grow and so incredibly beautiful.

There’s something so distinct and instantly recognizable about a vintage floral. I love including them in my journals, so I decided to share one each Friday in July as part of Free Vintage Fridays. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy adding these to your summer journaling pages as much as I do.

The colors in today’s freebie are magnificent. I love the bright and burnt oranges against the deep blue and grayed purple. Sized just below 8.5 x 11″ this image would be perfect printed at 100% as part of a signature or sized smaller and used as a journaling card, in a tag, or as an embellishment.

To download the high resolution image, simply click the button below and right-click to save to your computer or device.

Till next time,

2 thoughts on “Floral Galore — Free Vintage Friday

  1. Thank you so much for all the incredible freebies you share with us! Do you touch these vintage images up or are they as you found them? They are so beautiful and vibrant!


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