Vintage Advertisement — Free Vintage Friday

I was perusing a very old magazine a few weeks ago and came across one of the funniest advertisements I’ve ever seen. I could not stop laughing.

Why does Mrs. Brown have such a perfect figure? The age-old question, I suppose. 😆 Not only is the wording of this advertisement so incredibly funny, but there are two woman peeking through a keyhole in discovery of Mrs. Brown’s secret. Plus, the gorgeous scroll drawing and typography to the right of the image is gorgeous! Absolutely everything about this little advertisement tickles me pink.

I don’t know what the advertisement is actually for, so I guess we’ll always wonder about Mrs. Brown and her elusive secret, but I can’t WAIT to turn this into a journaling card.

To download the high resolution image, simply click the button below and save to your computer or device.

Till next time,

One thought on “Vintage Advertisement — Free Vintage Friday

  1. This is too funny.. I kind of want to do some research into this one. I’ll report back if I find the answer. 🙂


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