Vintage Library Cards

I’ve had this vintage library card since I was either in high school or college. I was downtown for an event that I can’t quite recall and I stumbled across an enormous library book sale in an old church. (Of course I remember this!) Room after room after room of a very large and old building was filled with books — from floor to ceiling. When I was planning the details of my library card pocket project, I had a hunch there was an old library card in one of the books I purchased from this day. And I was right!

I created two different versions as part of today’s Free Vintage Friday, a blank version and the original version. I know I will use both in projects, but most immediately will use the blank versions as journaling cards in my upcoming reading documentation project.

I hope you enjoy these downloads as much as I am enjoying them. To access the high resolution image, simply click the buttons below:

If you want to save paper or print multiple copies, try printing these as two copies to one page. When I do this, my printer shrinks the image to 89%, but I nudge it back up to 94% and still print the whole image. It’s only slightly smaller than the original.

See how I assemble these cards in my latest YouTube video:

Till next time,

3 thoughts on “Vintage Library Cards

  1. Hi Gina,

    Thank you for the free library cards. I love the story about how you acquired them. The pockets are pretty cute. I’m going to give them a go. Again, love your channel and thank you for free Friday’s. You are very generous. Have a great weekend.


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