A Holiday Journal Lesson Learned

I didn’t want to make a December Daily this year. There, I said it.

Without fail, I always look forward to creating a winter break journal documenting the first day of winter break to the very last day. Normally, I also include a few fun holiday-ish days prior to the start of winter break, such as decorating the tree or a fun holiday show. Part of the fun, too, is choosing the style and papers. Sometimes it’s a kitschy vintage junk journal style or a fun Doodlebug Christmas-themed mini-book.

This year, though, I just wasn’t feeling it. I mustered enough energy to gather some supplies and then I stopped. I had so much indecision on its format and feel that it stymied me. I was a deer in headlights, frozen and unsure of which way to leap.

In my stash, I had paper and embelllies from the Crate Paper Hey Santa line from this year, as well as a ton of goodies from the Merry Days line. I kept saying to myself that I didn’t want to “waste” those supplies on this year. I said it over and over to myself, until one day I was like, “Hey, self, what do you mean by waste? We’re still celebrating Christmas, albeit much differently, but it still exists and winter break is still happening, so pull yourself together and get moving. “

I gave myself the proverbial kick in the butt. And it worked! I threw caution to the wind and started cutting up paper and punching holes. My 2020 Winter Break journal soon emerged in its full and wonderful glory.

Wouldn’t you know, the kids went back to school on Thursday and I finished it up Thursday night, right on schedule. I loved mixing the two Crate Paper lines. I loved writing the stories. Yes, it was a very different winter break, but just because it was different didn’t mean it should get ignored.

I created the cover and the back cover with chipboard and covered each inside and outside with paper. I created the inside using both single-sided and double-sided paper and added a little extra special sewing border detail to each page.

I started the first page with a summary and followed each page up with lots of pictures, stickers, embellishments, ribbon, tags, pockets, and stories.

I tried stepping out of my comfort zone and used techniques I haven’t used in a while, like embossing folders. I tried new approaches like creating a pocket out of card stock embellishments.

I even included a glassine bag I found and put in Christmas lists and letters written to Santa on Christmas Eve.

I am so glad I pushed through my indecision and negativity and gave in. I have a very bad habit of “saving” supplies to use for a better day, but I’m telling you there will be no better day or better memory. Each is worthy of your best supplies. If you let them sit, you’ll end up with a pile of unused supplies and by that time, you won’t like them anymore. The time is now. Use them all today and then, you can buy more tomorrow. 😉

Till next time,

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