Easy Monthly Documenting Using Journaling Cards

Hello friends! Today I am sharing a super easy way to ‘document your dailies’ using journaling or Project Life cards. I used this strategy for the entire month of August and it has probably been the easiest method to keep consistently.

Like you, I have soooooooo mush stuff in my stash and while I like each and every piece, I just don’t see how I’m going to use it all. I recently found myself wondering how I was going to use up all of my journaling cards and associated ephemera. I pulled out a pack of Simple Stories SNAP journaling cards from a few years ago and decided I was going to use one as a base every day for the month of August with photos printed using my HP Sprocket.

Guess what? It worked! And the best part was its sheer simplicity. If I missed a day or two, it took 10 minutes top to catch up when I was ready and I felt like I had an awesome snapshot for the month!

I started by separating all of the journaling cards in the pack that were the same size. I chose the smaller size (3 x 4 inch size) because I thought it would be more manageable. I figured out which I wanted as a cover and did nothing to it other than locate the middle and add a hole with a punch. I pulled out a 1.25 inch ring and added a piece of gathered linen I had in a bin, tying a little knot at the top.

I started with day one by selecting another 3 x 4 journaling card, printing a picture, and adding some journaling. On some I added a teeny tiny bit of elements, but on others I didn’t. And on some, I just added the date with no journaling as the picture was enough.

The other thing I really liked was how a few of the card sides already had a main design or message on them. It served as a nice interlude between flips.

This process is definitely a keeper. It hits all of the marks — quick, easy, AND fun. Plus, since I’ve been super vintage lately with my journals, it allows me to work with some more modern and fun collections too, although some people may say these are vintage too since they’ve been in my stash so long. 😆

Till next time,

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