September Mood Board

Much to my chagrin, September has arrived. And wouldn’t you know, on today, this first day of September, it was cold, rainy, and depressing. You would think after oh, lets’ say a “handful” of Septembers, I’d accept it or move to a warmer climate. 😆 🤷🏼

Good news, though, I updated my Mood Board. In case you missed it, in August I decided to create a Mood Board in my studio using an existing bulletin board. I wanted this area to spark creativity throughout the month and in a sense, guide me. (See pictures from August here.) It worked and when I took down August, I even made a late summer journal from it. (Read more about the late summer journal here.)

Even more good news, I enjoyed assembling September just as much as August! The process is quite cathartic and the end result is really a snapshot of how I’m feeling or how I want to feel for the month. I love it. And I’ll keep doing it until I stop loving it.

Again, I used fabric, trims, paper, pictures, vintage book illustrations — even an envelope of sunflower seeds! Nothing is off limits. Anything is fair game.

September Mood Board

Till next time,

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