Easy Fabric & Paper Rosettes

Don’t you just love a rosette? I sure do. These rosettes started out very innocently. If there were some scraps on my desk, I would start twirling them, add some glue, and realize they sort of resembled mini roses. And that’s how my rosette obsession was born. 😂

The best part is all you really need to make these are scraps and glue. I decided to make a bunch of rosettes from a multitude of scrap mediums (lace, fabric, dyed paper, tracing paper). I added some sewing to a few for some added texture. I did this on my sewing machine using a thread in a contrasting color and by making some messy circles.

The entire process can be watched on a recent YouTube video:

After making a huge pile, I picked out the ones I wanted to use on my new Anne of Green Gables journal spine and simply glued them on. I saved the rest for other journals.

The result is quite impressive. And to think all it required was some scraps, glue, and some creative twirling!

If you are interested in how I created the curved spine for this journal, as well as the hidden spine and inserts, check out my YouTube playlist:

Till next time,

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