Vintage Printable Bridge Scorepad

I don’t know anyone who plays Bridge. It seems to be a lost game, hidden beneath piles of old photos and dusty books. But when I search ‘how to play Bridge’ online, there are so many results that is seems to be alive and well after all. No need to mourn for the game of Bridge. It’s been here all along.


Last winter, I came across this dainty Bridge scorepad at an estate sale and instantly could picture it in a journal. I knew it would be a match made in heaven paired with the perfect layout.


So I spent the weekend, creating printable files of this vintage ephemera so you can print, assemble, and use in your journals too. Click here to access the kit!


You can make it as large or as small as you would like and it doesn’t even have to be assembled as a scorepad. You can use each individual image as a journaling care or as a stand alone piece of ephemera. I used the plain print setting on my printer — why use more ink than necessary? And  I chose to print the cover and back on card stock because I wanted it to be a bit sturdier than the inside.


I chose to print the inside on basic copy paper. Since they are glued together, they are thick, but not as thick as the cover. Tucked into the a pocket, it is the perfect journal companion!


If you would like to see the kit up close and personal, I also made a quick YouTube tutorial how to assemble the kit.

Till next time,


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