Willow Lane Chipboard Journal

Hey everyone! I hope this new post finds you well! I am sort of happy because I made the most delicious journal from what I think may be my new favorite paper line — Willow Lane! So it’s no secret we are all staying at home trying to avoid COVID-19 and what’s a scrapbooker to do during this time but document it?


This journal is huge! I had picked up tons of goodies from the Willow Lane line from Tuesday Morning a few months ago and decided that I  needed to stop hoarding things and use them. I decided to make a chipboard-based journal. (Side note: Does anyone else think chipboard stinks? Ugh! Smells so bad!)


This journal has a massive spine! It is 3.5 inches wide. I hate a bulky journal that is splitting open, so I wanted to create enough natural space. Instead of sewing in the inserts, I decided to use some elastic cording I had in my stash to create a more traveler’s notebook feel.



It has three inserts that measure 6 x 8 inches and are comprised of scrapbook paper and some lined journaling paper from an old, unused kikki.k planner I ordered back in 2015. I knew this book would probably include more journaling than usual simply based on the circumstances, so I wanted to make sure I had enough wide open spaces to write.



I simply adore the papers in the Willow Lane line and I could not believe how well some of the old kikki.k papers coordinated. I couldn’t resist and had to add a few graphic pages in with the lined pages.


Because this journal is so large, I was lucky enough to score some Willow Lane wrapping paper to use on the chipboard cover. It is a bit thinner than normal scrapbook paper and did tear slightly at the seams, but I covered it with some washi tape and corrugated cardboard — no one will ever know! Shhh! I also  included library card pockets on each insert to document the time period.


I’m not exactly sure how I will use this journal. I am thinking that I may use my sprocket to print pictures, but am still undecided. The back inside cover has a cute little sneaky pocket. This little pair comes from a Willow Lane tag collection I bought from Tuesday Morning. I think I hit the store at just the right time because I was able to snag a bunch of goodies from the line and of course, I am absolutely in love!


I’ve got all of my supplies ready to go and organized in a little container. I just need to get documenting before I forget everything.


I would really love to know — are you documenting during this time period or are you avoiding it? Comment below! Happy crafting!

Till next time,


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