2020 Documenting

As each year passes, I am always trying to create a new and exciting way to document the “every day.” In the past, I have used scrapbooks and junk journals, mini-books and pocket pages and I’m sure I will continue to use all of these mediums in the future, but this year I settled on a traveler’s notebook quite by mistake.


The last few weeks in December I  could not stop looking at the  January Memory-Keeping kit, Noted, from Cocoa Daisy.  I bought it on a whim one late evening and it did not disappoint. It started out as a personal journal, but as always, my kids and husband soon infiltrated and it become my new 2020 preferred way to document the “every day.”


When it became clear this was my new 2020 method, I initially thought I would be able to get 3 months into an insert and then could make it seasonally themed, but I just can’t squeeze 3 months in — 2 months is the magic number. So instead of 4 inserts, it looks like I’m going to have 6 for the year.


I am also stymied about how I am going to house all of these inserts. I really don’t want to separate them into multiple traveler’s notebooks, but on the-other-hand, I’m not sure there is a large enough traveler’s notebook to house them in. I am not opposed to creating some sort of a book with a very large binding, but I’m just not sure it will work. One thing I do know is that I do not want something that hinges open and will not close. I think I’ll have a better idea on the cover once I have a few completed.


For the next insert, I was thinking of making one with some spring-ish papers I have in my stash, but Cocoa Daisy just released a sneaky peak of the April kit and I *may* have to buy it because it is just too cute.


I am a regimented stickler who does not adjust to change easily. (My husband is so lucky.)  So once I make a decision like this, I tend to dig my heels in and really stick to it. This doesn’t mean I won’t make mini-books, junk journals, or scrapbooking layouts to document other events, vacations, or holidays, but it certainly means that the “every day” will be captured in these traveler notebook inserts.


I’m curious though: Do you stick to one type of memory keeping or do you dabble in multiple formats throughout the year? Leave a comment and let me know!

Till next time,


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