Weekly Menu Plan Free Printable

Happy New Year! Like most of the earth’s population, I am resigning a few things for 2020. Naturally, all of my resignations tie back to my One Little Word–Mindfulness. In essence, I am trying to stop stuffing a million things into one day and really focus on my tasks and approach them meaningfully, with thought and care. This can apply to all aspects of my life really, but especially the time I spend in the kitchen.

(Skip the story: Download the Weekly Meal Plan Free Printable now.)


While I find comfort and enjoyment in cooking and baking, lately I am merely slapping recipes together so I can check that portion of the day off of my list and move on to the next. I’ve been noticing it a lot throughout the past year, but it really hit home a few days after Thanksgiving. I had been so focused on how much I could get done in a single day that I wasn’t really focused on the outcome. As long as it was done, it was good enough for me and wow, I would marvel: Didn’t I get a lot done in a one day?

I decided this way of life needed to end and the word Mindful came to me at once. I needed to start approaching life and its inherent tasks in a more concentrated, thoughtful way.  A large portion of this was to systematically plan our weekly meals taking into account preference, days, shopping, and cost. I never found a meal planner that fits my needs, so I decided to make one.


A few things I was looking for in a meal planner:

  • Starting on Mondays feels more natural as that’s our natural start of the week. (Sunday are the end of a long week, where we spend time recharging our batteries.)
  • I only needed to focus on dinner, as the rest of our meals are pretty straightforward.
  • I wanted the ability to document what meals were a hit and which ones didn’t go over quite as well.
  • I also wanted to sit down and be more mindful of a grocery budget as I felt this area had seriously run off the rails and needed an area to jot down the items I needed that weren’t currently in my refrigerator or pantry.


So this meal planner checks all of the boxes for me. It starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. It only includes areas for dinner and also has a nice long shopping list on the right side. The red flowers are a bonus as they match my kitchen! The Heat Me Up free printables are great for attaching to a meal in the fridge someone needs to heat up. They can be found on my Free Printables page.


Because I wanted to be able to look back as I meaningfully plan the present, I also wanted a way to keep all of these sheets in one place. If you head over to my YouTube channel, you’ll see how I made this little folder to keep all of my Weekly Meal Plans.


Download the Weekly Meal Plan Free Printable now. There are two plans per 8.5 x 11 sheet, you only need to print four at a time for a two month supply, which is what I did.


If you enjoy free printables like this or want to share how you will use it, please do leave me a comment below. ♥

Till next time,