The First Page in My Autumn Junk Journal Mini-Book

I started working in my junk journal mini-book and have to say I am totally loving it. What I am not loving is the weather. The temperature has dropped suddenly and this warm weather loving girl is not happy at all. However, my new Frankenstein journal sure is coming together, so I guess I have that going for me.


In my house, we spend a lot of time in the car getting transported from activity to activity and we have become accustomed to listening to audiobooks to pass the time. We just finished the entire Harry Potter series (Jim Dale version — OMG if you haven’t listened to this, go get it now!) and we needed a few months to decompress. With the new school year starting, we decided to start listening to Anne of Green Gables, which is so fitting considering the opposite page of this layout is a quote from the book!


This layout came together quickly and quite easily, which is exactly what I look for in a documenting journal like this because this mama has limited time! I used stickers, ephemera, and some scrap pieces of paper to pull it together. I also added a teeny bit of sewing to tie in the junk journal aspect.


I included a hidden journal card pocket behind the picture. It’s always a neat way to include written thoughts or the story behind the picture without distraction.


I hope all of my layouts in this book come together with as much zip. For a detailed walk-through on this layout, check out my YouTube channel.


Till next time,



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