I Married a Junk Journal and Mini-Book

For some reason, I don’t think that’s correct English. I didn’t marry a junk journal and a mini-book; I made a junk journal mini-book!


I am forever sitting on the other side of the green grass, mesmerized by everyone’s papercrafting creations. When I make a junk journal, I see someone’s super cute, super modern mini-book and I think, “Yuck, I hate junk journals.” When I make a mini-book, I see someone’s beautiful junk journal with vintage goodies and I think, ” This mini-book I made sucks.” So, I decided to marry the two together, record fall pictures and events and see how it works.

So far, so good.


The cover (the junk journal part) is an old book I painted and sanded and cut apart and decorated with some vintage lace and old patch from Hobby Lobby. The inside uses fall-themed paper from last year — Simple Stories Forever Fall and Authentique Pleasant — the perfect mix of old and new.


If you would like to see how I document in this book, leave a comment below. If you would like to hear more about this project, visit my YouTube channel.

See you soon!



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