Using Your Stash to Make Embellishments

Hey out there is scrappy land! It’s cold here in Midwest USA. I keep wondering when it will finally warm up: I mean it’s only been like 5 months of chilled air…ugh! Waiting for spring is torture every single year. To pass the time, I recently decided to reorganize my craft room. After a visit to IKEA, I felt compelled to get organized. And after a trip (or ten?) to Michaels to purchase Iris containers that were 70% off, I was knee-deep in complete scrappy chaos!


But, after many, many, many hours and an aching back, I organized my room into a wonderful scrappy play land:


Because everything was in its place, I was inspired to use my newly sorted Iris cases to create some DIY embellishments. I made a YouTube video of my process here:

I have to admit this process was a little difficult. It didn’t come as easily as I thought and in fact, could be classified as hard! Don’t get me wrong, I am super pleased with the results, but it was a labor of love! I’m wondering if it was the color palette that made it so hard because I am not used to working with gold, but I am definitely going to make some more with a different base to test the waters.

Here are some up close photos of my DIY embellishments:


Till next time,



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