Easy Heart Garland

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing a fun and easy heart project to spruce up your Valentine’s Day decorating. So this year I decided to leave up our super tall Christmas tree in the front foyer and decorate it for each season and holiday. While my husband thinks I’m crazy, I am so excited! I love having the tree up and I’ve always wanted to try this. Nothing fits in this area of the foyer quite like the tree, so it was a no brainer!

Anyhow, this first holiday has been a challenge with ornaments. I didn’t really have much time between holidays to make much, so I have improvised with some winter ornaments, some Valentine’s ornaments I picked up from Target and Hobby Lobby. I also transformed some white heart doilies into ornaments. I place of garland, I decided to make a string of vertical hearts. I started out by cutting an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper into 8, 8 x 1 inch strips of paper.

Then I curled one strip upwards into a heart and staples the heart in the middle.

Next, I made another heart in exactly the same manner, creasing the bottom to a point and joining into a curve in the middle, but this time I put the bottom of the first heart I made in the middle top join section of the second heart and stapled.

I continued this until I reached my desired length, which was three papers or 24 strips.

It made the perfect garland for my Valentine’s Day tree!

Till next time,

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