Cheerful Junk Journal Flip-Thru


Hey everyone! This week is back-to-school, which means Spring Break is over and now it’s time to document it! I had previously made a Waterfall Folio with the intent to document Spring Break, but it just didn’t fit the mood, so I decided to make my first ever junk journal!


It just feels wrong to call this junky, but I think it was named that because it uses scraps and is a little messy looking. The only thing I made for this journal was a mini wax paper envelope and a little shaker thingy.


For the rest, I simply used scraps from my bin and embellishments I had laying around! You can watch me flip-thru the entire journal on my YouTube channel:

Here are a few up close photos:


I plan on updating my blog and YouTube channel with “after” pictures of it filled in and documented, so check back soon.

Till next time,


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