Crepe Paper Numbers


I needed a fast, easy, and wallet-friendly party decoration and the first thing that came to mind was a good old-fashioned crepe paper number. You know, the kind where you cut squares, wrap it around a pencil and glue it on. Back in grade school, we used this technique a lot in art class and I thought these 7s would make the perfect addition to may birthday party table.

First, I created a “7” stencil using my Cricut machine and then I traced it onto two 7s onto medium-weight cardboard.


Next, I cut little squares out of my crepe paper, about 2 x 2. Then, I wrapped each square around may pencil eraser, pulled it off, placed some hot glue on the point where the eraser was and placed it on my 7. I continued this process, creating layers, until my entire 7 was covered in little crepe paper squares.


I wanted to mount my 7s on sticks, so I found a dowel in the basement, cut it into smaller pieces using my scissors and glued it to the backs of my 7s.


This created the perfect accent to my Barbie birthday table! I also created a quick and easy layout with a picture of them in my everyday paper notebook!


Till next time,



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