Midori Paper Insert Booklets


Since I posted my last Weekly Scrapbook page about my homemade mirdori and paper inserts, I’ve gotten a lot of requests on how I made them. It is really so easy and only requires paper, elastic cording, a bone folder, adhesive, and some clear packing tape. I also used a corner rounder which is totally optional.


First, I figured out what size I wanted my booklet to be. Once I determined and cut that using double-sided scrapbook paper, I cut my inside papers 1/2 inch smaller on all sides. For my inside papers, I used a graph pattern I printed on regular printer paper. I found this pattern online for free.


You have to remember to double the width because it’s going to be folded in half to create a book. I used my bone folder to get a nice sturdy crease on both the cover and inside paper.


I decided to add some clear packing to the fold on my cover only. This will stop it from tearing as it is opened and closed multiple times.


I decorated my cover using some odds and ends around my craft room.


Then I placed my inside paper on top of the inside of my cover and using black elastic cording I purchased from Walmart, I wrapped and tied my inside papers to my covers.


I added a little charm to the top for whimsy. I like to do this with most of my inserts!


As I mentioned earlier, I wanted my corners rounded, so I used my corner rounder on the cover and inside pages.


That’s it! It’s so easy and so much fun to come up with your own personal designs.


Once you starting making these, you cannot stop!


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