Heat Me Up Free Printables


I make A LOT of meals for my husband to heat up after work when I am not home. I got tired of texting or emailing him directions and I decided to make some cute little paper sheets I could write the meal prep directions on. I figured I could easily attach them to the dish with washi tape. And I was right! I drew this little microwave, added some text and I instantly had some cute papers!



I made them in a bunch of different colors and have them as a free printable for you today!


Simply click on the link below of the color you would like to save. I made these PDFs with trim lines for easy cutting.

Sky Blue
Lucky Green
Lime Green
Citrus Orange
Deep Plum
Apple Red
Sea Green

Quick Tip: I printed them on slightly heavier stock, 28 lb., to ensure they would hold up in the fridge. I also precut a bunch of them and keep them in a kitchen drawer with a few different rolls of washi tape. It’s super simple, totally useful, and really cute!

Till next time,



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