Star Wars Birthday Invitations


It’s no secret around here that we are a teeny bit obsessed with Star Wars. Just a little. And for my daughter’s 9th birthday family party, she, of course, wanted to a Star Wars themed party. As usual, the first thing that needs preparing is the birthday invitation. She picked this photo (which is pretty cool) from the Internet and I used Photoshop to add the words to the top and the bottom.


The invitation measures 5.75 x 5.75 because the envelope I wanted to use was 6 x 6 (which requires a 2- ounce forever stamp). I started by cutting a black piece of card stock for the base.


Next, I printed my image on white card stock and trimmed it to 5.5 x 5.5.


I attached it to the black base.(The washi covers up some private info!) I decided to be very clever and write the invitation in Yoda’s voice. My husband thinks everyone is just going to think I don’t have a proper command of the English language. We shall see!

Even though I added a purple rectangle in Photoshop, I decided to cover it with real card stock. So I cut .25 x 5.5 purple strips and attached them to the middle of the picture for a bit of texture and contrast.


Next, I cut two-inch circles from light purple card stock and cut them in half. I also cut 9s from my Cuttin’ Up Cricut cartridge using gray card stock. I punched a little heart from scrap black card stock and attached them all to the circle. I attached the circle to the upper left-hand side using foam tape.


This finished my invites — well almost! I decided to make some Use the Force stickers from a digital download I have in my Etsy store and attached them to the back of my envelopes.


I am loving these invites and I just found a Darth Vader cake pan that may become the star of the party!



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