Birthday Card for 85 Years of Living


You guys! I love Tuesday Morning. It has the best craft supplies. Hands down. No contest. If you need something specific, Michaels and JoAnns are your spot, but if you are looking for good deals on cool, unusual stuff not found in those stores, Tuesday Morning is where it’s at! Look what I found there:


Yes, you are reading the tag correctly: $1.49 for this beautifulness. I bought 2. Sigh. They are so pretty. And this isn’t paper. This is heavy duty plastic. If you are using this to send in the mail, think twice or slap two stamps on the envelope because this cake is heavy.

A certain someone I know is turning 85 soon and I knew this cake was perfect. With a little help.


So this is a straightforward A2 card, landscape…it opens on the right side instead of at the bottom. I used gray card stock for the base and used a polka-dot embossing folder on some pink card stock for the second layer. Then I stuck my cake right in the middle.


I felt like the cake clearly said Happy Birthday, but I wanted to add a little something else, so I cut a 2″ hot pink heart from the Doodlecharms Cricut cartridge and the numbers 8 and 5 in baby blue from the Cuttin’ Up Cricut Cartridge. I attached these to the card with some zot dots.


And it’s ah-mazing! It just so happens I have the perfect scrapbook layout rolling around in my head for that cute little leftover banner. And look! It fell out of my head onto paper!


Run to Tuesday Morning because these are way too cute to pass up!



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