Valentine Monster Mailboxes


Every year it’s the same story: My daughter comes home and tells me she needs a box to collect her Valentine’s Day cards in for her party. And every year before, I have grabbed a Kleenex box, covered it with wrapping paper, stuck a few stickers on it and called it done.

For some reason this year I wanted to make something a little more interesting…and then BLAM! A monster popped into my head. More specifically…a cute Valentine’s Day monster who chomps cards. This was really easy to do and used only a few supplies: construction paper, glue, scrap yellow, black, and white paper, washi tape, an X-ACTO knife and a Ziploc sandwich bag box.

I started by tracing every side of my box on the red construction paper, cutting it out and then gluing it on all sides.


Next, I trimmed the sides that were too long or hanging over with an X-ACTO knife. I also used it to trim the construction paper from the hole on the top of the box. (The hole already existed because that’s how I pulled that baggies out when I needed them, so I just needed to get rid of the construction paper that was over it.)


Then I placed washi tape around the perimeter of the opening to cover up the jagged edges and I used yellow hearts, black 1-inch circles and little tiny white circles to make eyes. I glued these to the top. (I added the tiny white circles after I snapped this picture.)


Next I created white triangle teeth from scrap paper and glued them on the inside of the box. Then I made two heart antennas from black pipe cleaners and I stuck them in the top of the box. I created a hole by making a little x with my X-ACTO knife and then I stuck the tip of a pencil in it to make a hole.



I stuck my pipe cleaners through and bent the bottoms to ensure they don’t fall out. My cute chompy monster was complete. And my third grader thought it was soooo cool!



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